Dynamic Stories


Dynamic Stories allow you to create movie templates that consist of multiple dynamic scenes. A scene in a dynamic story can contain a single dynamic movie, a static video, or a movie or video that is selected dynamically from a pool when the video is rendered. Scenes can be dynamically enabled or disabled to create variable story flows selectively playing different scenes.

Dynamic Stories have these components:


The Dynamic Story is the container for your scenes. The scenes will be played in sequence in the order defined by the story line. Because the story sets the frame size for the movie, each scene will be fitted into the story's frame size. A story can have a base sound track. The base sound track will be played independent of scenes and any sound from scenes will be mixed with the base sound track. See also Sound.


Scenes are shorter clips made from Dynamic Movies or static videos. You can define the order of scenes by moving them up or down in the story line. Each scene may have a different length and the length can be controlled either by the video or the audio content.

A scene can also contain one or more audio tracks in addition to a story's base soundtrack. The audio can be the sound from a dynamic movie, a video or come from the project's audio assets. If there is more than one audio source, they will be played in sequence.

There are three types of scenes:

Static Scenes

Static scenes are played unconditionally.

Optional Scenes

Optional scenes are played when a condition is met. The condition can be either a specific parameter value, the fact that a parameter is set to any value or the fact that a parameter is not set.

Variant Scenes

Variant scenes play one scene from a pool of choices. Which scene to play is determined by a parameter.


Each scene can have one or more audio tracks. If there is more than one audio source, they will be played in sequence. Audio tracks can be dynamically selected from the project's assets, or fetched from a HTTP server.

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