Security Credentials

When you interact with the ImpossibleFX system, you need to specify security credentials to prove your identity. The system uses the credentials to authenticate and authorize the requests.

You use different types of security credentials depending on how you interact with ImpossibleFX. To access your account settings you need to login as the account owner and supply a username or email address and a password. To programmatically interact with the system, you need to specify an API Key and API Secret.

If you forget or lose your credentials, you can't recover them. For security reasons, ImpossibleFX doesn't allow you to retrieve your passwords or secret access keys and does not store passwords or API Secrets unencrpyted (unhashed). However, you can create new credentials and then disable or delete the old credentials.


In some cases, you can make calls to ImpossibleFX without security credentials, such as making render requests or downloading a rendered video that was rendered with a prior render request.

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