API Keys and API Secrets

When you access ImpossibleFX programmatically, you use an API key to verify your identity and the identity of your applications. An API key consists of an API key ID (something like AZQIAIOSFODNKJHAGDR) and an API secret (something like wJalrXUtnYEflkjdsAMPdasklLEdaswqY).

API Keys and secret are used like a username and password.


Getting API Keys and Secrets

To create an API key and secret:

  1. Open the Project Management Console at
  2. Click on the account menu in upper right hand corner and select API Keys
  3. Click on Create API Key and optionally enter a comment for this key.
  4. Click on OK and note the Key and Secret on the screen.

Authenticating Requests

Because API Keys act like usernames, you can use them like you would supply a username and password to the systm. For example to authenticate a HTTP REST API call, you would supply the API key as username and the API secret as password in a HTTP Basic Authentication header.

Using curl, you specify

curl -u APIKey:APISecret ...

Using curl in a PHP application you would set

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_USERPWD, "APIKey:APISecret");

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