Amazon Web Services (AWS)
An infrastructure web services platform in the cloud for companies of all sizes. See Also
See Amazon Web Services
Dynamic Movie Template
A template is the basis for a personalized video and defines layers, audio, placeholders and various bits of basic logic that regulate how the video should be rendered. A dynamic movie template may specify layers with static footage onto which dynamic data is added, similarily to Photoshop where an image is composed of several layers.
A grouping of server instances that you can render videos on.
See Project Management Console.
Dynamic Movie
See Dynamic Movie Template
Dynamic Story
A Dynamic Story is a collection of scenes which can contain dynamic movies or plain videos. Scenes can be dynamically enabled to create variable story flows. Dynamic Stories are created in the Project Management Console and create a regular Dynamic Movie Template when exported.
JavaScript Object Notation. A lightweight data interchange format. For information about JSON, see
Scene Description Language
Dynamic Movie Templates are defined in the Scene Description Language (SDL). Sometimes Dynamic Movie Templates are also referred to as SDLs.

See also Dynamic Movie Template
See Scene Description Language

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