User Guide

This guide explains what XML Templates are made of, the syntax of the XML tags, how to create animations and use filters and effects on videos and images and how to work with audio.


It may be tempting to create an XML Template for each video you want to render and not bother with variables, optional scenes and conditional layers. But this would come with a performance penalty.

The Dynamic Movies you export from the XML templates are as performant as those movies you export from the editor or that you create programmatically. As with the other mothods, it takes some time to process a new Dynamic Movie. This is normally not a problem, as you export the movies only once before rendering many videos from them. So while the rendering is fast, the Dynamic Movie processing is not.

Using variables and conditions in the templates allow to have one Dynamic Movie for many, slightly different rendering requirements without having to create a dynamic movie for each of them. The worst use case would be to create an XML template for each video in which you want to render a name or other simple text. The speedup of using a variable instead of using one template for each video may be a factor of 10 or more.

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